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Here are five ways to create headlines that grab employees’ attention and engage them in your content.Read more
target strong headlines
Here are ways to keep your employees satisfied with their benefits despite the cuts and higher bills.Read more
Financial cutbacks can make benefits communication difficult
While face-to-face focus groups remain the gold standard, virtual or web-based focus groups are a popular alternative,...Read more
distracted woman at virtual focus group
Holding a town hall meeting online is a great way to involve employees from many locations. But you have to make sure...Read more
woman running virtual town hall
If you’re trying to lose weight, you know you need to eat less and exercise more. But what do you do if your copy needs...Read more
copy on a diet
Employees are restless readers—if you can’t grab their attention in your headline, they will skip your message and move...Read more
person on phone looking at twitter
The CEO has just led a town hall meeting on the state of the business. She asks you, "How do we know if the meeting was...Read more
meeting effectiveness questions
With tightening budgets, it's more important than ever to have strong metrics that demonstrate your intranet's...Read more
woman on intranet
You know that simpler messages have a better chance of reaching distracted employees. But simplifying complex...Read more
man writing simplified message


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