Transform your HR communication from boring to inspiring. Discover how to capture employees’ attention and engage them in benefits, pay and performance with this new, first-of-its-kind book.

Having trouble communicating HR programs and policies to your employees?

Transform your HR communications from boring to inspiring
HR professionals know their work is pivotal to organizational success. But they also know how difficult explaining their programs can be. Hampered by lawyers, complexity, and politics, too many HR organizations create boring, confusing messages—and get ignored.

This book will help you dramatically improve the effectiveness of every message you create. Renowned HR communication experts Alison Davis and Jane Shannon teach you how to communicate using best-practice techniques employed by dozens of leading companies.

How can this book help you?
You’ll learn better ways to communicate business-critical programs—including compensation, benefits and performance management—clearly and simply, including:

  • Treating employees as customers
  • Using the right tool for the job
  • Writing fewer, but more powerful, words
  • Using visuals to convey key points
  • Creating opportunities for employees to ask questions
  • Help managers fulfill their critical communication role

What does it include?

The Definitive Guide to HR Communication is packed with valuable advice that you can use to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your communications, including:

  • Techniques to gather demographic information about your employees
  • Tools for creating award-winning communication plans
  • Tactics for framing your messages
  • Lessons to improve your storytelling, including few words and more visuals
  • Tips for selecting the right communication vehicles
  • Checklists for measuring effectiveness