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In today’s information-overloaded world, you need communication channels to grab and hold the attention of a distracted audience. We create dynamic vehicles that break through the clutter and create understanding of key issues.

Setting “ground rules” for internal communication helps establish consistency and quality for your messages and channels. We  develop employee communication standards and guidelines based on best practices that define content, writing, identity, use of channels and measurement.

Whether building a site from scratch or suggesting improvements to your current intranet or website, we make sure the audience can access the tools and information they need. We bring our extensive experience—from project management, vendor and internal team coordination, information architecture, design, content development, programming to hosting—and create a site that piques interest.

Internal meetings and conferences are great opportunities to share information and build commitment. But too often they turn into PowerPoint® marathons, leaving participants information-overloaded and exhausted. We create better employee meetings by designing a well-balanced agenda, creating opportunities for interaction, providing facilitation that engages participants and measuring effectiveness through post-meeting surveys.

An increasing number of people have a smart phone or tablet, so why not leverage this mobile technology for employee communication? We develop a solution—such as a mobile-friendly intranet or app—that connects employees to the information and business tools they need, anytime and anywhere.

Creating and managing an employee communication newsletter can be a demanding job, especially when time and resources are scarce. We work with clients on every aspect of newsletter creation and production, from initial design, to building an editorial calendar, to researching and writing content, to production and distribution. Finally, we measure the newsletter’s effectiveness so you can be sure it's achieving your objectives.

Billions of people connect to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter each day. So why not consider using social media to communicate with employees? Our work includes defining objectives, choosing the right social media tool and creating an engagement plan to promote participation. 

Just take a look at YouTube (or nearly any internet site), and you can see how video has become a prominent part of our culture. So why not use video to communicate with employees? From sketching a storyboard to writing a script to creating animation to shooting to editing, we create videos that employees will remember and share with others.

Need a quick way to convey important messages to employees as they enter the building or visit the cafeteria? We design engaging workplace communication approaches—such as digital signage, touch screens, table cards, posters, bulletin boards and even coffee cup sleeves—that get employees’ attention.

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