We are your change experts! Our team has helped organizations through every type of change—from simple to complex, from low to high impact, from organizational to technology changes. We know how to engage leaders, stakeholders and employees, so your change sticks.

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We’ve helped our clients with a wide range of change challenges:

  • Business strategy
  • Crisis communication
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Business initiatives, such as compliance, safety
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • New leader/reorganization


Case study: Communicating a career framework

Allergan, a global pharmaceutical company, created a bold, new career planning framework called My Allergan Career. The challenge? Helping colleagues understand that My Allergan Career was about more than getting promoted.

After the soft launch of My Allergan Career, the HR team realized it needed a more strategic approach to communication that helped employees see the value of building their careers at Allergan. How could employees be motivated to own and drive their careers rather than be passive participants?

That’s when Allergan partnered with Davis & Company. 

Understanding employee expectations

Our planning started with a premise: today’s employees are sophisticated media consumers. From shopping to news feeds, they interact with personalized, engaging content every day. And they bring these expectations to work.

Collaborating with the Allergan team, we developed a vision and plan focused on creating communication tools designed to transform the career development experience. And we decided to employ interaction as our key communication strategy.

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Delivering an immersive experience

At the center of our plan was a robust, personalized career portal that included several interactive elements, including personal career stories, career path templates and a real-time progress tracker. Then, we wrapped additional communication around the portal to drive awareness and build knowledge:

  • Communication playbook: a robust guide to align the HR team in articulating the value of My Allergan Career
  • Overview brochure: an easy-to-understand walkthrough of the program’s top features and benefits to illustrate the value of My Allergan Career for employees
  • Digital signs: eye-catching visual messages to drive employees to access the My Allergan Career portal
  • Training aids: in-depth materials to help employees use the My Allergan Career framework and portal

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The result?

Almost 1,500 employees accessed the portal to take the next step in career development—whether reviewing career stories, reaching out to a mentor or scheduling a conversation with a manager—after the very first launch email.

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