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Visuals communicate meaning to employees in a deeper, more thoughtful way than copy alone. Our award-winning design team creates a spectrum of visual communication—from memorable logos to insightful infographics to print pieces to interactive digital sites—that cuts through the clutter and quickly conveys even complex content.

A visual brand or identity can make a big impact. We create an internal identity that sets your program apart (while meeting your company’s brand standards, of course).

Employees expect to receive information and news at work through the same digital tools they use at home. We create digital solutions—such as email blasts, e-newsletters, e-books and interactive guides or sites—that achieve your internal communication objectives.

Infographics are a great way for explaining complex topics in a simple and compelling way. We develop infographics—such as process maps, charts or timelines—that are visually engaging and easy to navigate.

The best presentations go beyond charts and bullet points; they tell a story and create energy. Whether you’re explaining a new corporate strategy or sharing business results, we design presentations to engage employees and encourage action. 

Sometimes print is actually the most effective way to communicate with employees, especially when computer access is limited. Our team will work with you to design employee print pieces—such as guides, handouts and newsletters—that are both purposeful and attention-getting. 

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