Video is a powerful visual tool that can help you break through overload and engage your audience. But we know what you're thinking: too complicated, time consuming and expensive.

With just a bit of effort, you can embed short (30- to 60-second) video clips on the intranet or in e-newsletters to make your communication more visually dynamic. Here are three steps to give video a try:

One Go low tech
You don't need a lot of professional actors or special effects for an effective video. For example, rather than describing in multiple paragraphs how to use a web site for benefits enrollment, show the process in a video. Apple does a great job with their online tutorials.
Two Be conversational
Nothing will make viewers hit the "stop" button faster than a lot of meaningless jargon and platitudes. A senior leader talking in straight, simple language about the company's strategy can be compelling and useful to employees. Interviews are a great technique to encourage a conversational tone.
Three Consider a series
How likely is it that a senior leader or other expert will talk about a significant issue for 60 seconds or less? That's where some basic editing skills can come in handy. Consider breaking an interview into a series of short segments and sharing them as a series.