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Information overload continues to be one of the biggest obstacles to reaching employees. One solution is to reduce the volume of communication, but deciding how to do so can be a challenge.

Your first step should be to take a walk in employees' shoes to observe how they are experiencing communication. Here's how:

Observe   Ask   Streamline
Ask an employee to save all email for a few days. Then meet with the employee to take a close look at those messages.
  • How many messages do you receive each day?
  • Which do you delete without reading? Scan? Read the whole message?
If employees are overwhelmed by too many separate emails, consider consolidating information in a weekly e-newsletter that they can quickly scan.
Conduct intranet user testing: Sit with an employee while he or she surfs the site.
  • How often do you access the intranet?
  • What do you look at online?
  • Can you find certain information?
Simplify the home page, moving little-used information to sub pages.
Watch how employees pick up and interact with print publications.
  • Do you quickly pick up the latest issues?
  • How do you interact with the publication: skim, scan or read from cover to cover?
  • Do you take publications home with you or leave them in the office?
If employees aren't reading certain content, change the content mix, or the way topics are covered. If employees are skimming, reduce the length of articles and make them more "chunky" by using sidebars, bullets and tables.
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