One of my favorite publications is Real Simple, which provides easy solutions for everyday life. From advice on organizing a closet to tips on how to save money, the magazine contains useful, easy-to-understand advice. I feel like the writers know me and what I am looking for. Who doesn’t want to read about six clever items to simplify your life or four apps that save time when meal planning?

The best part? You can use Real Simple’s techniques to appeal to busy employees. After all, employees don’t have a lot of time to deal with long-winded internal communication.

Here’s how to apply the Real Simple formula to reaching employees:

  1. Use visuals: Images can be a powerful way to communicate a lot of information quickly. Photos create an emotional connection. Colorful bullets or icons catch employees’ attention.
  2. Get to the point: Employees usually spend only three seconds on a message before you lose them. Be consistent, not vague. Your writing should be specific and helpful.
  3. Stay short: When it comes to any communication channel—email, intranet, newsletter, or even a handbook—employees just don’t have time to sift through a lot of information. They just need quick bites.
  4. Make it clear: Writing should clearly answer the 5W’s of who, what, where, when and why. That way, employees will immediately understand the meaning.
  5. Keep it simple: You don’t need long sentences or extra words. Write at an eighth-grade reading level. Make your tone friendly and conversational.
  6. Be clever: Catchy headlines grab the attention of your employees. Think of what would appeal to them as you are creating your communication. What topics would they be interested in?

Once you start keeping your content “real simple,” employees will find communication more appealing and useful.

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