Internal communicator working on measurement

After a busy day creating content, measuring the impact of internal communication may be the last thing on your mind. But measurement is an important tool that will increase your credibility as an expert. You move from “the person who helps us get communication done” to “the professional who knows what employees need."

Here are four tips to get you started on your measurement journey:

Gather data 

Internal communication measurement isn’t “one and done”—fielding a survey and calling it a day. A best-in-class measurement strategy requires multiple methods, including surveys, focus groups and e-metrics. Take your first steps by understanding your options and starting small, such as a survey after a town hall. Then, continue to add measurement tools.

Consider demographics

Demographics are often overlooked as a data source. Work with an HR partner to understand your organization’s demographic data, such as tenure, roles and geographic spread. You’ll gain valuable insights into employee preferences and communication needs.

Share results

Communicating findings is the key to influencing stakeholders. From senior leaders to functional groups, sharing your insights will ensure commitment to improvements and foster participation.

Take action

Act on the feedback you receive and the insights you gather. Tell employees what you learned and what you’re doing as a result. It’s a signal that their feedback matters.