Leaders and managers chatting about DE&I

Engaging employees in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) topics requires a delicate balance of detail, relevance and sensitivity.

Empower leaders and managers to foster meaningful dialogue with these four steps:

Focus on objectives: 

Be clear about what the organization wants to achieve and avoid blanket, apple-pie statements. For example, we want to hear from more junior members of the team or we want all employees to feel they are part of our community.

Encourage authentic leadership: 

Leaders should speak genuinely about DEI initiatives, sharing personal stories and using conversational language. Specific examples of commitment resonate more than vague statements.

Coach managers to play a supporting role: 

Managers play a crucial role in facilitating conversations and answering questions. Train managers on addressing difficult topics and encourage them to reinforce the organization’s commitment and actively listen to employees' concerns/ideas.

Sustain momentum: 

DEI efforts shouldn't be a one-time discussion. Encourage leaders and managers to regularly include DEI updates in town hall meetings, engage in small group discussions and leverage internal social media for ongoing dialogue.

By empowering leaders and managers to navigate difficult DEI conversations with authenticity and empathy, organizations can foster a more inclusive workplace culture where all voices are heard and valued.