Woman shopping in retail store

There are many things I enjoy doing in my free time, but one of my favorites is shopping.

And what’s my favorite store? Kohl’s! It always offers great deals, and I like the quality of the clothing, home goods and accessories.

But great merchandise at a reasonable price isn’t the only thing that draws me to Kohl’s. It also does a fantastic job reaching and engaging its customers, inspiring them to shop.

So what does Kohl’s customer approach have to do with employee communication?

It follows several best practices that you can use to connect with employees and encourage them to take action. Here are four examples:

Use multiple channels

People like to receive information in different ways. So Kohl’s uses a mix of communication channels to reach its customers, such as direct mail, websites, social media and in-store events.

If you want to reach all types of employees and give them the info they need, don’t just rely on your intranet. Use other communication channels, such as digital signage, posters and coffee chats.

Keep it fresh

If your message isn’t timely and relevant, people will tune out. That’s why Kohl’s is always changing up its product line and connecting promotions to the latest trends and events. For example, it recently used national yoga month in promotions for its new yoga clothing line.

To ensure your communication resonates with employees, keep a pulse on what’s happening inside (and outside) your organization and make sure your content reflects that.

Focus on WIIFM (What’s in it for me?)

At the end of the day, people want to know: How will this benefit me? Kohl’s gives customers what they want by offering great deals, such as weekly coupons and “Kohl’s Cash” rewards.

Employees are looking for the WIIFM, too. And if you want them to pay attention to your message and take action, you need to emphasize what’s in it for employees. For example, if you’re sending an email about the launch of a new time tracking system, make the benefit clear in your subject line: “Entering your timesheets just got easier with our new system.”

Take a stance

People tend to support businesses that align with their own values or beliefs. And since community outreach is important to many people, Kohl’s promotes its outreach programs online and gives customers a chance to make donations.

Knowing what a company values is also important to employees. You should let employees know where your organization stands—its mission, work culture and the causes it supports—so they are motivated to stay.

I hope my love of shopping—and Kohl’s engagement methods—inspire you to approach employee communication in a fresh new way!

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