Davis & Company can help you with any employee communication challenge. From strategy to implementation, our team of experts—consultants, writers, designers and tech gurus—will deliver the best solution for your company so you can deliver a truly satisfying employee experience.

In an ideal world, your employee communication channels would work together in harmony to reach and engage employees. We help you make this a reality by analyzing your current internal communication vehicles and mapping out a system that meets the needs of every stakeholder. 

Communicating change to employees can be a challenge, especially if the change has a big impact on their jobs. To put employees at ease and get their support, you need to address their burning questions. We work with you to create and implement a change communication program so employees understand the “why” and know what they need to do differently.

To help employees get the most out of their benefits, policies and programs, you need an effective HR communication strategy that focuses on “What’s in it for me?” We develop HR communication that not only informs, it also engages employees so they’re prepared to take action.

How do you determine if internal communication is getting through to employees and helping your organization reach its goals? To measure the effectiveness and demonstrate the value of employee communication, we develop a measurement strategy, collect and track data, analyze results and recommend action steps. 

In today’s information-overloaded world, you need communication channels to grab and hold the attention of a distracted audience. We create dynamic vehicles that break through the clutter and create understanding of key issues.

Visuals communicate meaning to employees in a deeper, more thoughtful way than copy alone. Our award-winning design team creates a spectrum of visual communication—from memorable logos to insightful infographics to print pieces to interactive digital sites—that cuts through the clutter and quickly conveys even complex content.

Whether you are drafting a 30-second video script or developing a 16-page guide, your writing determines how effectively your audience understands your message. We are experts in structuring writing content for internal communication, including choosing the right language, simplifying complex information and using headlines to attract attention. We also teach writing, both to communicators (who are looking to enhance their craft) and to non-communicators (who need to learn the basics).

Leaders and managers have an important role in communicating where the organization is headed and what employees need to do to support it. However, leaders and managers often struggle with how to communicate. We create effective communication strategies to prepare leaders and managers for their critical communication role.

Internal meetings and conferences are great opportunities to share information and build commitment. But too often they turn into PowerPoint® marathons, leaving participants information-overloaded and exhausted. We create better employee meetings by designing a well-balanced agenda, creating opportunities for interaction, providing facilitation that engages participants and measuring effectiveness through post-meeting surveys.

Ready to take internal communication to the next level? We help you think like a strategic advisor. Whether you need to develop an annual communication plan or build an all-star internal communication team, we provide leading practices, fresh ideas and strategic thinking.

Have a big employee communication challenge, but a limited budget? Need to jump start an internal communication program, but don’t want a long-term commitment? Davis & Company has a quick, proven solution for you. We’ll provide you with the smart thinking we’re known for, but at a price and scope that fits your needs.