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If your organization’s leaders are still skeptical that internal social media is a good idea, here’s the best rationale to make your case: social media’s strong potential to break down silos and bring employees together.

Your leaders already know that, as your organization has grown, employees are no longer in one location—they’re spread out across the country or around the globe. And leaders probably realize that, if your organization is typical, a third of employees may work remotely.

So the challenge is making employees feel connected—to their managers and colleagues. Luckily there’s a perfect internal communication tool to help: social media.

Here are 7 reasons why you should add social media to your communication strategy (and 7 ways to do so):

Social media...   How to...
1 Connects employees so they feel like part of the team    Post employee recognition announcements on your company Yammer page
2 Increases visibility and accessibility of senior leaders   Host a live Q&A Twitter jam where leaders tweet answers to employees’ questions in real time
3 Stimulates collaboration across functions within your company   Use the mobile site Chatter to connect employees globally
4 Encourages knowledge sharing   Start a discussion board or Google Doc for employees to share ideas and solve problems
5 Gives managers easy ways to stay connected with their team members   Schedule team check-ins on social sites to frequently update your reports
6 Makes onboarding user-friendly   Create YouTube-like instructional videos to help new hires learn
7 Creates ample opportunities for feedback   Start a peer-to-peer acknowledgement program on any enterprise social network