Confident smiling leader


Leaders know they need to communicate more often with their teams, but many have difficulty stepping up to the plate.   

So, what’s stopping them? Some leaders may feel unprepared for their communication role and need guidance on how to communicate effectively.

Here’s how to overcome the four most common leader communication obstacles:


Unclear role

Solution: Define what (and how) senior leaders should be communicating to employees. For example, the CEO should explain the organization’s vision and direction, and the leadership team should translate what this means for their teams.


Mediocre communication

Solution: Create learning opportunities for leaders to sharpen key communication skills. For example, try to carve out 15 minutes during your next leadership team meeting to offer tips on hosting town halls or crafting messages.


Difficulty understanding the topic

Solution: Help leaders feel knowledgeable and confident about sharing information on a difficult topic. For example, create a key message platform with FAQs and talking points regarding specific content.


No accountability

Solution: Give leaders regular updates on how they’re doing in terms of their communication efforts and recognize them for achievements. For example, you could create a simple scorecard to track how many communication activities leaders have supported in the last quarter.