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Leaders and managers have an important role in communicating where the organization is headed and what employees need to do to support it. However, leaders and managers often struggle with how to communicate. We create effective communication strategies to prepare leaders and managers for their critical communication role.

When it comes to explaining complex business strategy to employees or being more visible, leaders can often use help. We develop a communication strategy, then prepare leaders for their role by creating content and providing coaching. As a result, leaders are confident about connecting with employees. 

Employees turn to managers first for information about the company or their job. But not all managers are prepared with the knowledge or skills they need to communicate effectively with their teams. We provide support for managers—role definition, training, content and advice—to set them up for success.

To prepare leaders and managers to communicate with employees, you need to arm them with tools. We develop a communication toolkit that includes roles and expectations, resources, advice for communicating effectively, key talking points and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

If your town halls are receiving mediocre reviews from employees, it’s time for a change. To make your next meeting a success include opportunities for dialogue and employee participation to keep your audience engaged. We help you design a balanced agenda, simplify complex content, boost presentations and coach leaders to win.

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