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Help team members understand what’s important. Use this template to plan what you’ll share with them monthly.


It’s an expected part of the modern workplace: organizations and their employees are constantly in a state of change...


Know Your Value: How Internal Communications Teams Bring Incredible Value to Organizations...

Demonstrating the value of internal communication

It’s no surprise that corporate jargon is on the chopping block. I’m sure every communicator would nod their head in...


Why is community at work important? According to the Harvard Business Review, when employees have a sense of community...


With competing priorities and limited time, getting employees to embrace change is tough. But effective internal...


In a business environment that is constantly changing, one thing remains the same: employees want to hear from leaders...


Thinking about using AI in your role but don’t know where to start? This workbook can help.

Your organization has been working hard on a new initiative and you are the expert communicator who will help employees...
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“Invest in this book. Your boss will wonder how you got so smart overnight!” 

Becky Healy 
Agency Communications Manager, State Farm Insurance

 “Easy to read, visually appealing and a wonderful addition to a communicator’s toolbox.”  

Pete Birle 
Communications professional/author