Internal comms channels

Email, intranet, social channels, worksite communications, meetings and town halls. So many internal channels to choose from. Which one is the most effective?

All of them, when best practices are used. Making use of a variety of internal channels can bring your content to life and help you reach more people. In addition, using each channel appropriately, without just repeating the same content, will help employees learn where to go to find the information they seek.

So what does this look like? Imagine you are launching a new wellness program. Your goals are to raise awareness of the wellness program overall and drive participation in a walking initiative.

How would that look on each channel?


Best practices

What good looks like


  • Focus on key milestones or actions.

  • Avoid information overload.

  • Provide a link for more details.

Let’s walk for wellness:

  • Get started logging your steps today.

  • Click here for more information.


  • Serve as a repository for information.

  • Make content easy to navigate.

Dedicated wellness page:

  • Sign up to receive your rewards points.

  • Select your wellness goal.

  • View details about all of our wellness benefit offerings.

  • Weekly wellness tips.

Viva Engage
(formerly Yammer),
Workplace or
other internal social channel

  • Create a space for dialogue and social discussion with colleagues.

  • Ensure leaders engage with posts and replies.

Start conversations with fun, easy prompting questions/actions:

  • What’s your favorite healthy recipe?

  • Where’s your favorite place to go for a walk?

  • Share photos here on our Wellness  channel!

Worksite communication

  • Reach employees where they are, especially non-wired.

  • Keep it brief. Assume you only have a few seconds of attention.

  • Leverage eye-catching visuals.

How many steps did you walk from the parking lot?

Did you know those steps are worth money?

Scan this QR code for more details.

Meetings and
town halls 

  • Feature a speaker well-versed on timely topics.

  • Allow for live dialogue between leaders and employees.

We Welcome Wellness segment:

  • Ask employees to share wellness experiences through polls, chat or other interactive features.