Orange Cat on a Laptop

In today’s ever-changing organizational landscape, meeting the diverse needs of employees becomes a game changer. It’s not just about handing up information on a silver platter; it’s about serving it up in a way that leaves them purring with satisfaction.

Creating an intranet that meets the diverse needs of employees is a unique challenge. Enter my two cats:

  • Gypsy, my curious cat, enjoys being self-reliant and prefers to do things on her own without my help.

  • Delta, my social cat, thrives on time with others and actively seeks interaction with people.

Probably sounds like employees at your organization. So, how can one intranet keep all the cool cats happy?

  To please the curious cat … To satisfy the social cat …
When defining the user experience for your site Make sure the latest information can be easily found and accessed. Create reasons for employees to engage with the site, like contests or social media posts.
When sharing training materials Include self-service options such as guides or learning modules. Facilitate interaction, such as a discussion board.
When sharing news Incorporate content that employees can enjoy on their own time, like videos or podcasts. Provide opportunities for users to share their thoughts, such as commenting sections.