Engage employees in internal communication surveys

United loves data and the folks that run post-flight surveys wanted to increase participation. So, they asked customers about their survey experience. Research about research!  Does it get any better?

Based on the results, the team made three changes that produced significantly higher response rates:

  1. Optimized surveys for mobile devices
  2. Allowed customers to choose sections where they want to provide feedback
  3. Created tools to share results with colleagues, which help them act quickly

These three simple changes are helpful lessons that can be applied to your next employee communication survey. Here’s how:

  1. Go mobile. Convenience is key to encouraging participation. Use a survey tool that can be accessed across multiple devices.
  2. Tailor the questions. Rather than serve up a long survey, let employees select the sections that are most important to them. For example, when I test key communication channels, I start with a question that determines participation. If a respondent doesn’t use the channel, he/she jumps to the next question. But if he/she uses the channel, then a set of questions about the channel is presented.
  3. Share the results and agree on actions quickly. This is a pet peeve among employees, “Why should I complete the survey if nothing changes?” Don’t keep the results to yourself, but share with stakeholders, agree on recommendations, and prioritize short- and long-term changes. And, of course, communicate your plan: “Here’s what we learned and what will change.”

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