Recently my wife started a new job. We immediately plunged into a pile of benefits information and were quickly overwhelmed by all the details. Only when I carefully went back over the fine print did I find programs—like the Flexible Spending Account (FSA)—that were the right choice for my family.

This experience illustrates how important it is to reinforce communication about benefits. You can’t just share information once and expect it to stick. That’s why you need a way to remind employees. My choice? Digital signs.  

For example, if you want to highlight your company’s FSA, create a digital sign with compelling imagery, such as a chart that shows how the program can help reduce what employees spend on co-payments.

Now that I’ve got your attention, take a look at three ways you can tap into digital signs to boost your benefits communication:

1. Pique curiosity
Employees might not comprehend how helpful benefits can be. However, with digital signs, you can quickly grab employees’ attention.

To create an impactful, eye-catching digital sign, use:

  • Testimonials from employees
  • “Before and after” scenarios

For example, to promote your company’s 401(k) retirement plan:

  • Show a before-and-after image showing the amount of money saved over a period of time
  • Include an employee quote, sharing how the 401(k) retirement plan benefitted his or her family


2. Reach more employees
Digital signs can open up a new window of opportunity by engaging employees when they step away from their work. Locate your digital signs in high-traffic areas like a cafeteria, break room or near an elevator.

Keep in mind that employees will be on the go, so you want to ensure your messages are clear and concise.

For example, to communicate changes to the new health care policy:

  • Highlight only the major modifications so employees aren’t overloaded with information
  • Create a series of digital signs to break up content


3. Follow best practices
I have seen many awful digital signs in my days, so please do yourself (and me) a favor and follow these guidelines:

  • Keep it short and sweet. Don’t get caught up in minor details. A sign with too many words will frustrate readers. Keep content to fewer than 50 words (this includes title, headline, body copy, due dates, etc.).
  • Include essential information. Be sure to let your readers know important dates, times and locations of events and/or deadlines.
  • Use one relevant graphic. Too many images will distract readers from your message.
  • Highlight one key message per sign. Make your main message stand out and don’t confuse your audience with other messages.
  • Stick to one or two colors. Too many colors will distract readers and take attention away from your main message.
  • Schedule content for no more than two weeks. After that time period, if the information is still relevant, change the visuals to give your sign a fresh look.


Now that I’ve let you in on these digital sign secrets, go forth and give your future benefits communication that much-needed boost!

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