Remember when “plasma” screens and other forms of digital signage were the latest and greatest way to communicate with employees in the workplace?

Times have changed and today those screens may seem outdated to employees expecting movement and interaction. So, how do you enhance the experience to meet the needs of your employees?

Whether you already have a strategy for digital signage or you’re developing one, here are seven things you can do to make this channel work for you. If you’re ready to make changes now, a few small steps can improve your content. Bigger changes may take more time to achieve, but will have a great impact on employees’ experience with your digital signage. 

Here are 7 ways to revamp your digital signage strategy:

Revamp digital signs strategy

Digital sign readability

Digital sign local content

Updating digital signs

Digital sign motion graphics and video

Digital sign interactivity

Digital sign mobile links

Digital sign traffic views