On average, office workers receive over 100 emails a day. Take a minute to learn how to cut through the clutter and get employees to actually read your content.



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Cheryl Ross:
Hi, I’m Cheryl Ross, your host for Got a minute? The average office worker receives 121 emails every day. Employees are overloaded. They’re deleting emails, and they’re missing important information. How can internal communicators write messages that capture employees’ attention?

Jamie W:         
Before you begin writing, ask yourself “What’s the one thing employees need to know?” Build your message around that central idea, like what action do employees need to take?

Kimberly Cuffe:
Catchy headlines can grab the attention of your employees and increase readership by up to 73%. Notice how your personal emails from marketers have clever subject lines, are benefit oriented, and tell you what’s in it for you.

Laura Umbach:
You can make your text more visual. Emphasize using color, bold or italics. Create hierarchy with font size or use imagery to help the reader visualize.

Darlene Hyde:  
Who doesn’t love a good story? You start with the setting, the who, the what, the where. Add in some conflict and then share how it’s resolved.

Cheryl Ross:     
I hope these ideas help you inspire employees to pay attention and learn what they need to succeed. For more great tips, visit us at