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Whether you are drafting a 30-second video script or developing a 16-page guide, your writing determines how effectively your audience understands your message. We are experts in structuring writing content for internal communication, including choosing the right language, simplifying complex information and using headlines to attract attention. We also teach writing, both to communicators (who are looking to enhance their craft) and to non-communicators (who need to learn the basics).

Employees want to receive information through the same digital tools they use in their personal lives. Our team will write visually appealing digital content for internal communication—such as email blasts, e-newsletters, interactive guides and intranet sites—that quickly conveys complex information and engages employees on their favorite electronic platforms.

Writing guidelines for internal communication helps improve the quality and consistency of your communication, while making the editorial process more efficient. We’ll help you create editorial and content standards for your communication vehicles, such as rules on style, copy length and timing.

As a communicator, it can be difficult to keep employees informed if you aren’t getting the answers you need from key stakeholders. Whether you’re asking a leader about a new internal policy or interviewing a colleague about an upcoming event, knowing which questions to ask is critical to develop effective content. Our team can help you master the art of interviewing, making it easier than ever to create content your employees want and need.

Creating an editorial board—a group of key stakeholders who are in the know about what’s happening at your company—is a great way to uncover fresh and compelling content from across your organization. To set your editorial board up for communication success, we’ll help you identify the right stakeholders, establish clear content guidelines and manage regular meetings to stay connected.

An effective presentation can command your audience’s full attention and help sell your vision. Need to develop content for a town hall or leader meeting? Our skilled team of writers will help you go beyond stale PowerPoint slides to craft a presentation that tells your story and engages employees.

Even in this digital era, print is still an effective way to communicate with employees, especially when access to computers is limited. We’ll help you cut through the clutter and capture employees’ attention by writing internal print pieces—such as guides, handouts and newsletters—that are simple, scannable and easy to understand.

Whether you want to build knowledge about your company’s credo or communicate about a big organizational change, storytelling can help you craft your message in a way that sticks with employees. Our team can help you craft compelling characters, relatable plots and authentic language to engage employees in a way that data and figures just can’t do. We’ll show you how to integrate corporate storytelling into your communication, build your narrative and, most importantly, bring your messages to life.

How do you create a video that holds viewers’ attention long enough to get your message across? By writing a script that brings your story to life and is well-structured, conversational and brief. We know how to write video scripts for internal communication that engross your audience—from short-form six-second DIYs to two-minute training modules. We’ll help you marry smart dialogue with exciting visuals to keep employees interested.

Too often communicators get caught up in corporate jargon and feel pressured to include every detail that stakeholders supply. We’ll help you improve your writing skills for internal communication so you learn to cut the fat and focus on employees’ needs. The result? Your writing will capture employees’ attention, help them understand crucial information and motivate them to take action.

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