Employees have a lot of questions about HR issues such as performance management; in fact, only 11.5% feel they have the information they need to make decisions about the topic, according to Davis & Company’s recent survey.

While employees turn to managers first for answers, managers often don’t know what information they should share with their teams. That’s why it’s essential to keep managers in the loop and support them to answer employees’ difficult questions. Here are five ways to do so:

Strategy How it works
Develop a one pager What essential information do managers need to know about a topic? Distill those points into a single page that briefs managers so they feel knowledgeable.
Create a PowerPoint Managers won’t give a detailed presentation, but they will use a short (5 to 8 slides) PPT to share highlights at staff meetings and during one-on-one discussions.
Compile FAQs FAQs help managers feel prepared when team members approach them with questions. To create the best FAQs, include tough questions and candid answers; and avoid corporate speak.
Build an intranet site Where can managers access information whenever they need it? A site just for managers gives them helpful resources. Make it social so managers can share challenges and solutions.
Faciliate learning sessions When the topic is complicated and/or the change is significant, you need to provide managers with an interactive experience so they are well prepared. Create scenarios to help them practice conversations with team members.
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