One billion people visit YouTube every month—and you can bet that your employees are part of the crowd viewing videos on how to make a margarita or fold a fitted sheet. 

Why are videos so popular? Since we’re all so pressed for time, we’d rather watch a short clip than read a document. One of the best ways to use videos for internal communication is to explain a complex topic like a new IT process or choosing among medical plans. 

9 elements of a great how-to video

1. Establish credibility right up front
Feature an expert

expert internal communications

2. Make visuals the star
Show, don’t tell

show, don't tell internal communication

3. Explain the end result in the beginning
Set expectations

set expectation employee communication

4. Have fun
Don’t be stuffy

Stuff employee communication

5. Emphasize information by using features like zoom
Make it stick

Make content stick in employee communication

6. Be brief
Keep it short

short employee communication

7. Simplify language
Keep it easy to read

internal comm simplify language

8. Organize content
Create a nice flow

internal comm organize content

9. Create a call to action
Leave your employees with something to do

employee communication call to action