manager communicating change

One of the most common questions we hear from our clients during times of change is: “How do I get managers to talk to their teams about change?”

While managers tend to be the first place employees turn for information, managers are often unclear about what’s expected of them and don’t have any more details than employees. The good news is that managers understand they have an important role to play.

Here are three tactics to help managers build their knowledge and feel confident about communicating change: 

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Building knowledge requires time and discussion. Create dedicated sessions, such as change workshops, to help managers understand the change, how it impacts their teams and how to fulfill their communication role. 

Provide managers with tools to help them communicate and answer employee questions, such as talking points, a one-page overview of the change (great for team discussions) and FAQs. 

Change is a perfect time for managers to sharpen their communication skills. Try on-demand learning or quick tips that are designed to remind managers about the basics and try new approaches—from presenting to explaining the impact of a change.