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Learn how to grab employees’ attention and get the feedback you need.Read more
Plan ahead to engage employees in communication measurement
Abolish dull, news-oriented headlines and focus on the WIIFM.Read more
Improve your headlines to improve employee communication effectiveness
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Make sure signs are not distracting.
I’ll bet you can cut the same amount of fat from your internal communication content.Read more
Cut your internal communication messages in half
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Engage employees with helpful internal communication content
Measure whether you've achieved your objectives by conducting an employee survey.Read more
Measure town hall engagement levels to improve future meetings
Employees’ expectations are shaped by their experiences outside of work.Read more
Employees want internal communication to be punctual, short, and accessible
Internal communication audits are a big commitment since they typically include more than one research method.Read more
Internal communication audit
4 key ways to assess your program.Read more
Use an audit to gauge the effectiveness of your internal communication channels


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“Invest in this book. Your boss will wonder how you got so smart overnight!” 

Becky Healy 
Agency Communications Manager, State Farm Insurance

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Pete Birle 
Communications professional/author