As internal communicators launch new digital platforms and apps, we’re hearing a refrain, “Now what?”

Two events are colliding to make this an interesting time for communicators:

1) The pandemic accelerated acceptance of digital tools in our personal and business lives. If you’ve been on Zoom with your grandmother, you understand what this means. McKinsey & Company described it as cramming five years of gradual adoption into two months.

2) Options for internal communication apps and platforms have exploded in the past few years, including plug and play intranets, email management and mobile-first apps.

Why interesting? Because communicators are using this moment to address challenges — from reaching non-wired employees to reinventing the intranet — by purchasing digital tools. A shiny new tool, however, doesn’t guarantee engaged employees.

Before you pull the trigger on a new communication app or platform, step back and consider how it will fit among your channels. Here’s a two-step process to ensure it will be a successful addition.

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