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During the first few months of the pandemic, communicators were hard at work helping employees adjust to new work...


It’s a tough reality: As the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns have halted business worldwide, many...


A conversation between Jake Weaver, CEO of Codesigned, and Alison Davis, Founder of Davis & Company. Alison: Hi, Jake...


Use these five ideas to show you appreciate your team members.

Employee Appreciation

As Davis & Company’s director of technology, I’m constantly reviewing and evaluating new technology platforms designed...


Open enrollment is an important time for employees. They’re making big decisions about their health care, so it’s...


What is one of the things that makes Davis & Company a great place to work? My colleague Courtney says, “I love the...


HRIS change is complicated. Here’s how to get employees on board. While the launch or upgrade of a Human Resources...


A good onboarding experience is necessary to retain new hires. However, most companies overload employees with...

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