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You sent employees a survey after the CEO town hall meeting. You’ve collected metrics on email opens and website visits. You may even have conducted a broader survey to measure the effectiveness of key channels or assess employee awareness of key topics.

But do you know how to analyze this information to determine appropriate actions? Or how to report on results to demonstrate the value of your employee communication program?

If you’ve done some measurement, but want to understand how to make your efforts more comprehensive, more actionable and more persuasive, this web workshop is for you. This workshop will arm you with evidence that explains what employees need and how communication has had an impact. You’ll move from a communicator with an opinion to a valued expert; from order taker to strategic advisor.

During this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop essential metrics to supplement your current efforts
  • Select the right measurement tools
  • Package results to present to key stakeholders
  • Influence decision makers 

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