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Communicating change is more challenging than ever. In most organizations, change is almost constant. Employees have become so change-fatigued that they don’t pay attention to typical communication. But when the change occurs, employees complain they didn’t see it coming and don’t understand why it’s necessary.

How can you break this vicious cycle and communicate in a way that breaks through overload, providing useful information when and how employees need it?

In this workshop, we’ll define an approach for communicating change—big or small—that’s rooted in leading practices. We’ll show you how to develop compelling communication that appeals to employees and engages them in the change.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Avoid common change mistakes
  • Clearly articulate the change to maximize understanding
  • Align business partners needed to deliver successful communications
  • Prepare leaders and managers for their

    communication role
  • Select the right communication frequency and mix

    of vehicles
    to meet employees’ needs


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