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Communicating change to employees can be a challenge, especially if the change has a big impact on their jobs. To put employees at ease and get their support, you need to address their burning questions. We work with you to create and implement a change communication program so employees understand the “why” and know what they need to do differently.

When company leaders set the strategy, we help you prepare employees to take action. We develop a communication program that engages employees by focusing on “what’s in it for me,” boosts understanding of complex topics and integrates strategic messages into existing communications.

If you’re making changes to benefits, wellness or compensation programs, it’s important that employees understand how these changes will impact them. We develop HR communication that creates deep understanding so employees know what to expect and what they need to do next.

The biggest challenge in communicating IT system changes to employees is translating technical jargon so they understand what’s changing and how it affects them. Whether you’re launching a new IT system or software, we create a communication strategy that simplifies complex topics so employees get it.

Major initiatives—such as reorganizations or cost reduction efforts—require effective communication to be successful. We communicate change to employees to reduce anxiety and help them understand what to do differently.

To ensure a smooth transition during a merger or acquisition, it’s important to communicate with employees at every stage—from announcement through integration. We develop employee communication plan that explains how the change affects employees, manages communication during the “quiet period” and jump-starts change with motivational “day one” communication.

Communicating leadership changes builds employee confidence in the new leader's vision for the organization. We create visibility for new leaders by creating a 90-day plan, which includes engaging road shows, social media involvement and presence in existing channels.

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