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Focus groups are an effective way to gather feedback about what employees think and believe. But if you’re pressed for time, you may dismiss focus groups because you think they take too long and are too complicated to manage.

While it’s true that a comprehensive focus group study requires planning, it’s possible to conduct fast focus groups that will quickly yield valuable feedback. How fast is fast? In just a few days, you can test communication strategies, assess employee reaction to program changes or make the case for an idea.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to manage a fast focus group project, whether it’s face-to-face, online or a combination. We’ll share examples and tips that you can implement immediately to help you gather useful qualitative information in a flash.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Decide between a quick focus group or a survey
  • Plan the project and manage logistics
  • Create an outline of key questions
  • Quickly analyze results
  • Share your findings with key stakeholders

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