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Whether you are lucky enough to support a leader who’s a capable communicator, or unlucky enough to work for one who’s dull, drab and uninspiring, this workshop is for you. Every leader can improve his or her communication effectiveness, and every communicator can help.

This workshop will share five strategies for effective leader communication—and also provide coaching to help you deal with your toughest leader challenges.

You’​ll learn how to:

  • Use research to make the case for why and how leaders should communicate
  • Help leaders communicate even when there’s not much to say
  • Deploy technology to make leaders visible, despite time, distance and cost constraints
  • Make forums—such as town halls and face-to-face sessions—more engaging
  • Coach leaders so they’re poised but not too polished (authenticity is key)
  • Energize Q&As to make them a win-win for leaders
  • Emphasize success and recognition

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