About Alison Davis

Alison Davis is founder and CEO of Davis & Company, the award-winning employee communication firm that for over 35 years has helped leading companies reach, engage and motivate their employees. Alison sets strategic direction for the firm, consults with clients on their toughest communication challenges and leads development of new products and services.

Alison has written or edited these groundbreaking books: What’s Next: 9 ways to reinvent employee communication, 49 ways to improve employee communications, The Definitive Guide to HR Communication, Your Attention, Please and Revitalize Town Hall Meetings. Alison is a former online columnist for The New York Times and Inc. and frequently writes articles for leading business and trade publications.

A sought-after speaker on communication issues, Alison has led sessions for such organizations as The Conference Board, Society of Human Resource Management, Public Relations Society of America and The International Association of Business Communicators. Alison earned her B.A. from Douglass College, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

Q&A with Alison Davis

What’s makes Davis & Company special?
What’s really special about our firm is our sense of mission. We believe in the power of employee communication—and have seen how effective communication can make employees feel confident and committed. And we love helping our clients solve problems, address challenges and get things done. At the end of each day, I know I’ve made a difference. That’s a great feeling!

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Chocolate. Or chocolate chip. Or mint chocolate chip. Or chocolate ripple. Get the theme?

What scares you?
Logistics. I worry much more about how to get to the conference than I do about giving the keynote speech.