employee communication manifesto town halls

It was, quite simply, a brilliant idea. Sometime in the last century, someone in a large organization came up with the concept of bringing leaders and employees together in a face-to-face forum to discuss important issues.

But somewhere along the way, many internal town halls became another “check-the-box” tactic and lost the essential elements that made them so engaging.

You may be wondering whether town halls are still a valid communication channel. The short answer is yes—town halls are still as compelling as they ever were.

With more than 30 years of experience in employee communications, Alison Davis has seen the best and worst of town halls. She’s put her wealth of knowledge into this captivating and easy-to-read manifesto.

Whether you’re a rookie or veteran, this e-book will help you examine town halls from a new perspective and give you the tools to leave a lasting impression.

How can this e-book help you?

Revitalize employee town hall meetings teaches you where town halls go wrong and how you can energize employees, involve leaders and make your next town hall an event to remember. This e-book gives you:

  • Expert advice on planning and implementing town halls
  • Techniques to avoid
  • Guidance on turning a boring presentation into an inspiring event
  • Answers to some of the toughest questions surrounding town halls
  • Tips to ensure your next town hall is a success

What does it include?

  • Why town halls (still) matter
  • Where town halls go wrong
  • How to make the case for change
  • How to revitalize employee town halls
  • Ways to measure progress/success
This e-book is delivered in ePub and MOBI formats.