It should be no surprise that Millennials are now the majority of the workforce, but did you know they will make up 75% by 2030? This digital generation demands communication that’s fast, targeted and convenient.

But surprisingly, Millennials’ communication preferences are relevant to all generations. With technology changing so rapidly, every employee is time-pressured and overloaded.

Follow these five tips to reach your entire employee audience:


1. Keep it short.
Communication needs to work across all devices, which means you need to get to the point long before a mobile user’s finger cramps from scrolling. Try to keep writing to about 250-300 words to keep everyone’s attention.


2. Simplify.
Employees shouldn’t need an Oxford English Dictionary or a corporate glossary to understand an email. Remove jargon and use clear language to avoid misinterpretation.


3. Make it friendly.
Write like you are having a conversation by addressing the reader. Try using “you” instead of “all employees.”


4. Focus on your audience.
Readers always want the answer to one question: “What does this mean for me?” So tell them. For change communication it could be as simple as “Here’s what’s changing” with a bulleted list.


5. Do something unexpected.
Baby Boomers have seen it all and Millennials want something exciting. Wow them with something they have never seen before like a pop-up booklet for their desk or turn training into a game.