Employees at Wellness Class

Great news! You persuaded leaders that employee wellness can reduce stress and increase productivity. So you and your HR colleagues developed a comprehensive wellness program. Now you’re ready to roll it out. Where should you begin?

Start by understanding that, for employees, wellness is personal; it doesn’t end when the workday is over. Reach employees by appealing to their needs. Here’s how:

Scenario #1: The CEO wants you to draft an email to announce the new wellness program.

Our advice: Shake things up! Rather than sending the usual “We are pleased to announce …” email that focuses on what the company is doing, create communication that emphasizes what matters most to employees. Frame your message by answering these questions:


Scenario #2: You realize it’s difficult to explain program details without using complex language and confusing your audience.

Our advice: Keep it simple! People are likely to stop reading if materials include words they don’t understand. Stop using HR or corporate jargon. Instead, use simple language that you hear in ordinary conversation:


Scenario #3: Since there’s so much information to share, you’re worried employees will miss important stuff.   

Our advice: Make it scannable! To make content legible, break it down into “chunks.” This will make it easier for employees to dive in and remember key points. Here are a few examples to help you get started:


Scenario #4: You just sent out your launch email and you think, “This will be the talk of the office.” Unfortunately, no one seems to notice. What should you do to grab employees’ attention?

Our advice: Take a cue from magazines! Most cover lines promise to help readers solve a problem, improve something they do and, fundamentally, be happier. That’s because magazine editors know that “you” and “how to” are the most compelling words in a headline. Package your information in a way employees can use and they will pay attention.