Follow the recipe of a successful meal kit delivery service

One of today’s biggest food trends is meal kit delivery. Companies like HelloFresh send boxes of curated ingredients with easy-to-follow recipes so subscribers can cook delicious meals without having to go to the grocery store.

Millions of customers love both the convenience and the fulfilling experience that meal kits provide.

Wouldn’t it be great if your employee newsletter was this popular? The secret to boosting readership and engagement is to create communication that’s as handy for employees as meal kits are for home chefs.

To make your internal newsletter more appetizing, use these 5 ingredients from HelloFresh:


Recipe for success

To improve your newsletter

Number 1    
Simple language
Provides easy-to-read instructions for each meal
  • Make content conversational
  • Use clear and concise headlines
  • Avoid jargon
Number 2    
Entices home chefs with eye-catching pictures of how meals will look
  • Add photos to accompany stories and people announcements. Visuals pull in readers and boost web metrics.
Number 3    
Scannable text
Saves user time by breaking instructions down into digestible bits and numbered lists
  • Chunk information
  • Make key words bold
Number 4    
Perfect portions
Ensures food is never wasted by including just the right amount of spices, herbs and produce for your meal
  • Don’t overload employees with information they won’t read
  • Cut the fat—share just key points to get your message across
Number 5    
Desired frequency
Allows you to have meals delivered to your door, as needed
  • Find an appropriate cadence for your employees to receive newsletters
  • Conduct focus groups to see which frequency (weekly, biweekly or monthly) is preferred