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Are employees losing focus during virtual town halls? Learn how to ignite participation.

Woman attending virtual town hall

When faced with a crisis, it’s necessary to shift direction and launch new tactics to give employees the news and...


This year reminded us of what really matters. Find out what it is!


We’ve been working with a smart team of communicators to improve their internal communication program. And in our most...


I’ve been writing a lot lately about the need to reduce the length of internal communication content. Employees have...


Last week, we met with client team members to suggest ways they could improve their internal communication channels. Our...


Looking to make the most of a new employee communication platform? Follow our two-step process to shorten your search...


Last night I dreamed I went back to the French Cable Station Museum. I knew it was a dream because I had vowed never to...


I was interviewing the head of IT to ask her advice on how to improve employee communication as part of an audit my team...

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Becky Healy 
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Pete Birle 
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