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Did you know that an effective employee handbook can help build a positive workplace culture? This valuable tool plays...


Managers are often the first stop when employees need questions answered. Find out the helpful strategies you can use to...


Pandemic or not, no one wants exhausted, overworked or overwhelmed employees. And we’ve all been there, right? I have a...


Communicating change? You need these 5 hats

Cheryl Ross with 5 hats

Looking for inspiration as you develop internal communication plans for the year? Ask yourself: What are we doing that...


Are employees losing focus during virtual town halls? Learn how to ignite participation.

Woman attending virtual town hall

When faced with a crisis, it’s necessary to shift direction and launch new tactics to give employees the news and...


This year reminded us of what really matters. Find out what it is!


We’ve been working with a smart team of communicators to improve their internal communication program. And in our most...

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“Invest in this book. Your boss will wonder how you got so smart overnight!” 

Becky Healy 
Agency Communications Manager, State Farm Insurance

 “Easy to read, visually appealing and a wonderful addition to a communicator’s toolbox.”  

Pete Birle 
Communications professional/author