With many companies starting to bring employees back to the workplace, it’s important to have your post-COVID-19 communication strategy ironed out. That’s what David Pitre, President of Davis & Company, discussed with viewers during the 7th Annual Advanced Learning Institute (ALI) Strategic Internal Communications Virtual Conference.

“A lot of credit is due to the leaders who are slowing things down and thinking about all the possibilities,” said David. “We need to be very intentional and work harder to make general conversations happen.”

David sat on a panel with other communicators and talked about how to keep employees engaged as they return to the workplace. Topics included:

  • Addressing employee morale
  • Creating communication for employees in the office and at home
  • Remembering lessons learned from the lockdown
  • Proven strategies for successful post-crisis communication

Regarding leader’s authenticity around COVID messaging, David had some insightful comments, “We know from our research that we are building trust with these leaders through authenticity.” He continued, “But the real question is, how do we sustain it? How do we not go back to the “perfect” video or “perfect” message? We know it influences employees in their thinking and attitudes.”

Hosted by ALI, the Internal Communications Virtual Conference featured a panel of internal communication experts who provided viewers with tips and the insight needed to create successful post-COVID-19 communications.