Davis & Company is proud to announce two promotions on the Consulting Team, Alison Kaiser, project manager and Lucy Obozintsev, associate project director.

These promotions recognize colleagues performing exceptional work and demonstrating a true passion for our clients.

Get to know a little bit about their work and personal interests:

 Alison Kaiser  


What was your favorite project you’ve worked on recently?
We work on so many exciting and interesting projects that it’s difficult to pick just one! That’s one of the things I love about working at Davis & Company—every day is different and there’s always an opportunity to do something new.

However, one recent project that stands out is creating department sites for a biotech company’s intranet. I really enjoyed working on this because I used a variety of skills (project management, content development, editing, coordination and planning) and grew my knowledge of SharePoint. I also worked with, and learned a lot from, an awesome team that included colleagues from different areas of our business (design and tech).

If you were to pick up a side hustle, what would you do?
In my free time, I enjoy baking for my friends and family, and I love traveling with my fiancé (we’re going to Germany and Austria this fall). I’d love to own a bakery by the beach or be a travel blogger!

 Lucy Obozintsev

What gets you psyched about work?
I love thinking outside the box to create deliverables that surprise and excite clients.

Whether it’s a video project or a print piece, I enjoy collaborating with our creative team to develop something that really stands out—both in terms of content and visual appeal.

It’s awesome to see how something evolves from an outline, sketch or wireframe into an engaging deliverable for our clients. The cherry on top is hearing from our clients how we exceeded their expectations!

What do you like to do on the weekends?
My boyfriend and I are big foodies, so we love trying out new restaurants and cuisines! We especially love sushi and are on the hunt for the best omakase place in the surrounding area. So far, our favorite is Shumi in Ridgewood, N.J., so if you’re ever in the neighborhood, check it out!

Way to go, ladies!