COVID-19 is changing everything, including internal communication. That’s what Alison Davis told participants during the recent Great Comms Debate Webinar hosted by smarp.

Alison discussed best practices for crisis communication during COVID-19 and provided thoughts on what employee communication might look like when things return to “normal.”

“I think this is a great chance to reset the role of internal communication in organizations,” said Alison. “After all, employees need more context, content and connectedness than ever before.

Although COVID-19 has undoubtably had a big impact, not all changes are negative. For example, many organizations are now able to do things they never could before, like helping leaders be more visible and making information more transparent.

“I find that leaders have turned to internal communication to help build trust and confidence,” said Alison. “Now it’s up to communicators to take the opportunity to transform the way you engage employees.”