Creating effective communication during layoffs is a complicated task. That’s why Alison Davis facilitated a breakout session, discussing how to show compassion in messaging, at the 2020 IABC World Conference.

Alison provided advice to communicators—who often become overwhelmed during layoffs—to help develop honest and empathetic messaging. She also shared information about how to:

  • Bring the voice of the employee to the table
  • Coach key stakeholders to lead with empathy
  • Use the best communication tactic for each purpose

“Communicating during layoffs is one of the toughest challenges communicators will face,” Alison told listeners. “During these times, it’s essential to put yourself in employees’ shoes and create messaging that resonates with what they are going through.”

The IABC World Conference featured keynote speakers, over 60 breakout sessions and a networking lounge.