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Employees rely on their managers to translate big-picture company strategy into day-to-day work objectives. This need escalates during times of change when employees wonder, “How will this new initiative affect my job?” or “Why should I care about the new IT tool?”

But too often, managers aren’t prepared to answer the questions, or worse, don’t think it’s important. They complain, “It’s not my job to explain this,” “I don’t understand what’s changing,” or “I don’t have time.”

In this workshop, we’ll show you how to move communication to the top of managers’ to-do lists. We’ll provide you with techniques to help managers become able and willing to inform, educate and motivate their employees.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Set expectations: Ensure managers understand their responsibility to communicate with employees
  • Make it easy: Provide content in easy-to-use formats that don’t take up time
  • Develop skills: Help managers get comfortable delivering information and engaging in conversation
  • Boost accountability: Motivate managers to communicate by demonstrating how increasing employee engagement can improve productivity

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