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One of the biggest challenges in communicating medical plans, compensation, policies and other employee benefits is that so much of the information is so darn complicated.

If you don’t confront complexity, you’re likely to end up with an incomprehensible message that employees delete without reading. By making the commitment to simplify, you can untangle even the knottiest topic and make your communication clear and meaningful to employees. In this workshop, we will offer strategies for conquering complexity. To bring the issue to life, we’ll take two current challenges participants face, and explore steps for making complex topics understandable and actionable.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Analyze your audience to understand what employees know—and what they need to know
  • Become master of the material, so you “own” the content
  • Frame your message as a foundation for all forms of communication
  • Write simply and clearly, no matter how complex the topic


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