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By now, we all should be good at PowerPoint—after all, it’s a tool that we use nearly every day, the standard for corporate meetings. Yet why are so many presentations so dreadful? Too many words on the page, too few visuals, too long spent on a slide . . . the list goes on and on.

Here’s your chance to stop the madness—and start making every presentation compelling and memorable. Whether you need to create PowerPoint for leaders or make your own presentations more effective, this web workshop will help you up your game.

(Please note that this isn’t technical training for PowerPoint—we won’t demonstrate how to use macros or create a table—but an exploration of how to organize, design and deliver a winning presentation.)

In this workshop, you’​ll learn how to:

  • Set objectives that articulate desired outcomes
  • Understand the needs and preferences of meeting participants
  • Map your path by designing an outline/storyboard
  • Think differently about developing content
  • Build slides that produce interest and momentum
  • Use your organization’s template while departing from the same old stuff
  • Facilitate the session to create energy

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