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At most organizations, compensation has become an extremely complicated subject. It starts with base salary, of course, but then companies add short-term incentives, long-term stock grants or options, and a variety of special pay packages for sales reps, senior executives, even manufacturing employees.

It’s no wonder that employees are confused and unclear about the relationship between how they perform and what they are paid. The good news is that clear communication can make even the most complex compensation program simple, understandable and motivational.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Assess employees’ current level of understanding
  • Eliminate “comp speak” by using simple everyday language
  • Employ simple math to demonstrate pay calculations
  • Leverage visuals to illustrate pay components and systems
  • Educate HR professionals to support managers and answer employees’ questions
  • Make it personal by using stories and examples
  • Prepare managers to have meaningful conversations with employees

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