Want the attention of your distracted employees? The definitive strategy guide for breaking through the clutter and getting distracted audiences to pay attention. Revised and updated. Two great ways to ORDER NOW!
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How can you get the attention of distracted and busy audiences?

People today are so overloaded with information that they’re almost impossible to reach. What’s needed is a radical approach for getting your audience to pay attention to what you’re communicating.

This breakthrough book by Alison Davis and Paul B. Brown shows you how to make bold changes in the way you communicate that cut through the clutter and get your message across.

How can this book help you?
Your Attention, Please. is the new strategy guide for communicating to the reluctant audience member.

  • Discover why employees are tuning out and turning off
  • Find out what five essential things you need to know about your employee audience
  • Learn effective strategies for creating clear, concise and compelling messages that meet the needs of employees
  • Gain insights on how to leverage visuals to make communication dynamic and easy to navigate

What does it include?
Learn who the new audience is, how to reach them and how you must communicate differently, including:

  • 12 revealing insights on what it takes to reach your employee audience
  • Dynamic, easy-to-navigate charts, checklists and captions
  • High-impact attention-getting techniques from Hollywood, Madison Avenue, politics, consumer magazines and anthropology
  • Real-world examples of what to do and what not to do
  • Essential, go-to resources
This e-book is delivered in ePub and MOBI formats.