I’ve been writing a lot lately about the need to reduce the length of internal communication content. Employees have less time than ever to spend on newsletter articles and intranet items—and it’s up to you to make content simple and convenient.

But in my conversations with communicators, they say they struggle with how to distill complicated topics into short content. The answer is clear: Steal this brilliant format from The Washington Post.

The Post recently introduced a new e-newsletter called “The 7,” which promises readers they can “catch up quickly with a brief rundown of the seven most important and interesting stories delivered to your inbox.”

Each item in “The 7” is breathtakingly short and easily skimmable. For example, here’s a 54-word item about an FDA announcement:

Hearing aids could be available without a prescription or exam by next fall.

  • The FDA proposed new, long-awaited rules that would allow them to be sold over-the-counter.
  • Hearing aids can cost more than $5,000 on average per pair and aren’t usually covered by insurance. Advocates say over-the-counter models could cost a fraction of that.

There’s a link to the full story as well as a “Read this story” button below each piece.

The Post is hardly the first media company to take this approach (Hello, Axios!) but I love how the format lends itself to employee communication. So consider adapting this approach for make your newsletter more accessible and approachable. Check it out!

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